3 Upgrades To Beef Up Power When Doing Auto Engine Repairs

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When you have a car that needs engine repairs, there are a lot of options for upgrades that will give you more power. While the engine is already being worked on, this is a great time to have this work done. Some of the things that will give your engine more power include boring cylinders, decking the block, and reworking the heads. If you need engine repairs and want more power, here are some different options to beef up your car's power with more horses:

1. Block Decking and Boring Cylinders

If your engine needs extensive work, rebuilding it will give you many options for more power. Boring the cylinders will allow for greater displacement and more power. In addition to boring the cylinders, decking the engine is used to do improvements such as changing the deck height or to improve compression for better performance. If you are having the engine rebuilt and the cylinders bored, block decking will be needed for upgrades to the engine.

2. Reworking Heads and Upgrading Valves

If you are not rebuilding the engine, there are still upgrades that can be done when you have repairs done. Having the heads reworked and upgrading the valves is a great way to get more power out of your engine without rebuilding your engine. This process will include cleaning the heads and valve ports and shaving the heads to ensure they have a flat surface. Other milling may be done to the cylinder heads to correct problems and improve performance of the engine when the heads are reinstalled. Reworking the heads is one of the best engine upgrades you can do without completely rebuilding the engine.

3. High-Performance Camshafts

Another upgrade to consider for your engine repairs is installing a high-performance camshaft, which controls the opening and closing of valves. There are various classes of camshafts to improve performance, and you will want to choose one that is right for the needs of your car. For example, if you are going to be driving your car every day, a camshaft with mid-range performance is ideal. If you want racing performance, other improvements to the car may be needed, such as upgrades to the fuel system, air intake, exhaust and ignition.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider for more power when your car needs engine repairs. If you need help with repairs and upgrades, contact an engine repair service center like Green's Towing & Auto Repair Inc and talk with them about some of these improvements.